Shepherd – Speciality Blend 1kg

Want amazing flat white? Shepherd specialty coffee is what you need. Great sweet acidity that enriches all milk-based espresso drinks.


Variety Specialty Blend
Aroma cafintocafintocafinto
Acidity cafintocafintocafintocafinto
Sweetness cafintocafintocafintocafinto
Body cafintocafintocafinto
Notes Almonds, Honey, Floral, Grapes, Chocolate
Brewing Espresso
Size 1kg

Original price was: OMR 11.5.Current price is: OMR 10.7.

CAFINTO Specialty Blends

CAFINTO roasts specialty coffee from various origins around the world. Then, we blend them in harmony using our expertise.

  • First, We source various origins of coffee from various farms.
  • Secondly, We roast our coffee for Drip coffee and Espresso with advanced profiles and roasters.
  • Thirdly, We cup our blends to ensure standards and consistency.
  • Finally, We ship specialty blends to Oman, GCC and anywhere around the world.

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