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Where It All Began

Coffee is not only a drink or some beans that you grind to make a caffeinated elixir to heal your wounds and brighten your day! It is much more than that.

Brewing coffee is a special and a sacred ritual where mind and soul meet each other again. CAFINTO was born to enhance this ritual. From Sourcing amazing Speciality Beans, to Roasting them with expertise and eventually, Brewing a wonderful cup of flavoursome coffee, the journey is just a continuous joy!

“We Uplift Coffee Experience”
Hammam AlJassasi

Our Mission

To Uplift Coffee Experince by offering the highest quality coffee with the lowest possbile prices.

Our Vision

To be the #1 Coffee Supplier in the Region.

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Our Biggest Award is our loyal customers. We have customers that come and never leave. Why? Simply because we consider them family not only customers!

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something special about cafinto roast

CAFINTO was established in 2017 to uplift coffee experience in the region. With passion, skills and state of the art technology, CAFINTO has been continuously producing and shipping its coffee to its satisfied customers everywhere.

CAFINTO sources the most flavoursome coffee from around the globe. Unique profiles are developed to produce the most out of every single coffee bean.

CAFINTO ships its coffee everywhere with the most efficient shipping solutions available, allowing its customers to enjoy its fresh coffee everyday.


What People are Saying

An outstanding coffee

An outstanding coffee, here you can enjoy and trying delicious recipes of coffee beans.


Shaima Mohammed

The best smell of coffee

the best smell of coffee by the time you enter and that what you get in a cup ,amazing.


Abujabel ahmed

Best coffee ever

Best coffee ever ???and their baristas are the kindest people ever.


Asma Al-Habsi

Amazing coffee

Amazing coffee .They are expert in providing different type of special coffee with different flavours.”

Anas Almazroui

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