Addiction Nespresso Specialty Coffee Capsules

Enjoy your espresso nespresso and cappuccino or your favourite drink and get long lasting addiction to specialty coffee with CAFINTO.


Variety Specialty Blend
Aroma cafintocafintocafinto
Acidity cafintocafintocafinto
Sweetness cafintocafintocafintocafinto
Body cafintocafintocafinto
Notes Sweet, Nutty, Chocolate, Citrus Fruit
Brewing Nespresso Machine
Quantity 10 Nespresso size capsules in each pack

ر.ع. 2.9ر.ع. 25.0

CAFINTO Specialty Coffee Capsules

CAFINTO roasts specialty coffee from various origins around the world. Then, we blend them in harmony using our expertise.

  • First, We source various origins of coffee from various farms.
  • Secondly, We roast our coffee for Drip coffee and Espresso with advanced profiles and roasters.
  • Thirdly, We cup our blends to ensure standards and consistency.
  • Finally, We ship specialty blends to Oman, GCC and anywhere around the world.

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