Are you a restaurant, café, or office with a sizable demand for coffee beans? You may be aware of the procurement and logistic challenges of sourcing the freshest coffee beans for your eager audience, who flock to your premises to kick back, relax, and bond over a creamy cup.  

It’s okay to wish that things could be easier, particularly in the Gulf countries. Roasteries providing specialty coffee may be few and far-flung.  

We at Cafinto are taking this opportunity to discuss the challenges of sourcing coffee beans and the solutions we bring to the market.  

Challenges faced by businesses when sourcing coffee beans   

In our five years of operating a coffee roastery business, we have had partners who have grappled with the following challenges before working with us:   

Getting good quality coffee at an affordable cost  

One of the most common challenges, though we don’t consider it highly problematic, is achieving the right balance between sourcing the best quality coffee at a fair price that’s not too exorbitant. It may become a persistent talking point given that coffee prices have generally trended upward.  

Ensuring sustainability, traceability, and fair-trade practices  

Owners and customers now care more about what goes on before the coffee lands in their cups. Cheap prices are not necessarily good. ey can’t sustain the farms and producers responsible for the production of green coffee.  

Sustainability is a growing concern. Many customers now care about how coffee is produced and if the production has any impact on the environment.  

Product consistency 

Quality is always a top consideration for any coffee aficionado. Occasionally, it’s not difficult to obtain a quality batch from your supplier. However, the real difficulty may lie in maintaining consistent product quality with every order.  

Reliability of supply 

Securing a constant supply of coffee beans for your business may be another challenge that you may have faced. It results when the roastery or distributor can’t maintain sufficient stock levels throughout the year as coffee is a seasonal crop.   

Timely delivery and fast shipments 

Working with international suppliers may entail having to wait for long periods for orders to be shipped and fulfilled. The issue makes it difficult for the business to scale with increased demand as it impacts the ability to replenish stock levels quickly.  

How Cafinto Can Help 

If you have experienced some of the issues outlined above, we can offer some great solutions.  

Cafinto is a coffee roastery operating from Oman. We source and roast green coffee beans at our facility. Our process entails blending coffees from different regions. We combine varying flavor notes and roast levels to create unique blends such as DESERT, our flagship product. 

So, what do you get by working with us?  

  • We promote product quality and consistency following a methodical production process;  
  • You can request help setting up your business as we provide training services for your staff and sell brewing equipment;  
  • We strike a fine balance between cost and quality; 
  • Enjoy fast shipments in the GCC with delivers in under one week.  

We’re trying to uplift the coffee experience in the region with dependable quality coffee and support services for your growth.   

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