Sanremo F18 2 Groups SB

OMR 3,340.0

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Are you looking for a reliable and robust machine to power your new cafe business? Look no further than the Sanremo F18 2 Groups SB Single Boiler Machine. This revolutionary machine is perfectly designed for restaurants, coffee shops, and roasting companies all over the world who put a premium on reliability, speed, and quality. The F18 will deliver outstanding results every time with its high thermal and pressure stability so you can focus less on worrying about your coffee machines.

Operating the F18 is made easy by its completely redesigned interface that puts maximum usability at your fingertips. Whether it’s making complex espresso drinks or simple plain coffees, this machine won’t let you down! Not to mention is sleek design with stainless steel body complements any modern cafe setting or design aesthetic. With renowned Italian precision engineering, you know that when it comes to this machine’s performance –you are getting the best of the best! So don’t wait any longer, experience barista-level quality coffee in your own kitchen today with the Sanremo F18 2 Groups SB Single Boiler Machine.

Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 64.6 × 90.1 × 51.2 cm