Sanremo Café Racer Black & White/Full White 3GR

OMR 9,300.0

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Introducing the Sanremo Café Racer Black & White/Full White 3GR. Perfect for new businesses looking for the technology and power to create their most excellent espresso drinks. Delivering high-quality and reliability with thermal stability, this machine is built to turn ordinary moments into memorable occasions.

Our vision of a perfect machine houses the best of Sanremo technology in a lightweight yet sturdy frame. This innovative combination provides incredible power and performance while still staying light on its feet, much like the café racer motorbike that inspired it. Get ready when your customers demand excellence; They will find it with Café Racer.

Designed with baristas in mind, our team has strove tirelessly to engineer a reliable machine with high-performance capabilities without sacrificing speed and quality during their busiest times. We weren’t satisfied until we knew that every single cup served was up to our highest standards. Because at Sanremo, we know that coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s an experience crafted for both you and your guests to savor and appreciate.

With Café Racer by your side, expect better experiences with your favorite espresso drinks day after day. Together let's unlock endless possibilities while creating extraordinary moments for all those who enjoy a cup of great coffee!

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Weight 171 kg
Dimensions 68 × 105.7 × 53.4 cm