Ceado E37Z Barista

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Owners of a café or new coffee business know the importance of having quality professional coffee grinding equipment. The Ceado E37Z Barista is the perfect single dose grinder for high turnover locations, specialty stores, and even chains. With it, you won’t have to sacrifice flavor for speed giving customers delicious coffee drinks in no time.

This all-purpose grinder uses updated intuitive dials to guarantee precision grinding for espresso, pour over, drip brewing, and more. This advanced technology makes it easier to get a consistently delicious cup of coffee thanks to precise control and separate profiles that allow for 80 different grind settings. Even better, with its unique single-dose system you'll always get the freshest results with every brew – so your customers can enjoy rich, flavorful coffee every time.

The Ceado E37Z Barista also features an hi-speed rotation motor ensuring smooth operation without any hindrance to its productivity allowing you to serve dozens of orders in minutes without any noise disturbance. It has a wide hopper capacity and is complete with a timer device so users can accurately control both grinding duration and interval times down to 0.05 seconds! Its great build quality ensures long lasting performance even with multiple use daily. Plus the stainless steel body ensures durable usage and easy maintenance that will keep it looking like new despite years of service.

So if you're looking for commercial grinders that will bring flavor and convenience to your café or new business (without breaking the budget!), then look no further than the Ceado E37Z Barista! Invest in this high-quality machine from Ceado today for unbeatable results that will leave your customers craving more!

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 20 × 42 × 55 cm